Sunday School


Sunday School at Manchester First Church was officially organized before the church itself was organized. The first Sunday School class met on October 15, 1911.  Our church grew in large part out of the seeds of faith that were planted in the Sunday School.  Find your place in Sunday School- there’s a place just for YOU!

Men’s Bible Class

The Men’s Class continues the tradition of Biblical study and service to the church and the community.  The class is known for its zesty singing of old favorites and good fellowship.  Come join in the study of God’s word and in Christian fellowship.  Please call the church office at 706-846-3213 for questions about attending this class.

 Upper Room Class

This class meets in one of the rooms on the third floor of the church– thus the name, The Upper Room Class.  Members gather between 9:45-10:00 for coffee and fellowship.  A brief time is devoted to the business of the class.  Prayer requests are taken before prayer time, which is followed by the lesson from the Adult Bible Studies Series.  Members are free to contribute their thoughts and ideas and to raise questions in the relaxed atmosphere.

The Upper Room Class members came up with the idea of setting a specified amount for members to give each month ($10 – which is not mandatory) to support various ministries.  This method of giving has worked well for them by allowing them to successfully raise funds to give generously to a number of charitable projects.

For more information on attending this class, call the church office at 706-846-3213.

Young Adult Class

The Young Adult Class meets in one of the the upstairs Sunday School classrooms.  Classes are conducted in an informal discussion style where members are encouraged to discuss and to raise questions that help to grow their faith.  Prayers and concerns are shared each Sunday.  Please call the church office if you have questions about joining this exciting class or just stop in next Sunday.  Visitors and new members are always welcome!


IMG_4663The Youth meet on the third floor (stairs located directly behind the church sanctuary) at 9:30 am.. Director Tim Dees  presents the youth a Sunday School series that encourages youth to bring their Bibles, learn how to look up scriptures, and apply these verses to everyday life and circumstances.


Toddlers Age 2-3  are invited to participate in an entry level Sunday School experience designed specifically for them.  The basics of faith are introduced through play and hands on activities.  Children begin to learn that God created them and loves them, that Jesus is their friend and that their church is a safe and welcoming place.

Preschoolers learn a variety of fun and exciting fundamental Bible stories throughout the year.   Lessons include stories, music time, fun activities and lots for their busy little bodies to move with the spirit!!!

Grades Kindergarten-5th Grade will LOVE our new ALL IN ONE Sunday School Program.  In this group, children will be participating in many hands on experiences like Bible Stories, Cooking, Art and Story Telling.

Children learn best when their parents, grandparents and adult mentors participate in their learning. Please consider participating in this Children’s Ministry as a teacher or class assistant.  We are starting the Fall with an empty roster of teachers!  We need you!


Nursery care for infants and toddlers up to age 2 is provided in a bright and inviting room located on the bottom floor of the church near the Fellowship Hall.  Rocking chairs, diaper changing stations and cribs are provided.

Our childcare attendants are full of love and are ready to welcome your little one!  If your child has special needs, please indicate those needs on your registration, form located in the Nursery.

Both Infant and Toddler Care are staffed from 9:30 am until noon each Sunday.  For childcare on other days and times, please contact the church office at least on week in advance of the church event you will be attending.