Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry serves Middle School (6th-8th grades) and Senior High Youth (9th-12th grades).  Through our programs and discussions, we strive to experience a deeper connection with God, provide a welcoming, fun, and comfortable space to share our ideas and experiences, put our ideas into actions of love and compassion, and try to live a life closer to the love that Jesus lived.

Youth Events

We aim to provide high impact events and youth programs on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for middle school and high school youth.  These aim to bring youth closer together through fun activities and spiritual substance.

Sunday Mornings

On Sunday Mornings, our Youth meet on the third floor, stairs located directly behind the church sanctuary at 9:45 A.M.  Tim Dees presents  the youth with a Sunday School series that encourages youth to bring their Bibles, learn how to look up scripture and how to apply these verses to everyday life and circumstances.

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesday Nights, we encourage our youth to join us in the Fellowship Hall for supper at 5:30 (August-May, no activities in the summer) and Bible Study @6:30..

Stay “In The Know”

Stay “In the Know” with the following ways, and you can help the program by making sure your child knows about the events!

  • Group Emails- these are updates about once a week regarding event details and reminder.  Make sure we have your email address.
  • Announcements during Sunday School
  • Bulletins,  Newsletter,  pulpit announcements.