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Church Officers and Committees

2018 Administrative Council

Church Officers Chairperson- Dru Goodwin Vice Chairperson- Barbara Nolan Secretary- Suellyn Whatley Treasurer- Donnie Koon Lay Delegate- Laura Taylor Lay Leader- Ed Withrow UMM President-David Turner UMW President- Lisa Tuttle Young Adult- Kristi Cartwright


Chair- David Turner Lay Leader- Jan Koerwitz Secretary- Mike Whatley Kim Warren Beverly Wadsworth Bobbie Buchanan

Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Chair- Robert Koon Lay Leader- Jan Koerwitz Class of 2018 Kristi Cartwright Marijo Eubanks

Finance Committee

Chair- Ed Withrow Treasurer- Donnie Koon Lay Leader- Jan Koerwitz Lay Delegate- Ed Withrow Church Council Chair- Dru Goodwin Betty Davis Beverly Wadsworth

Lay Leadership Committee

Chair- Dr. Joe Harrington Class of 2018 Laura Taylor Jim Bowden


Director of Youth Ministry Michael Taylor Tara Davis Alan Moore Kelley Henderson


Director of Children’s Ministry- Kelley Henderson Nikki Taylor Margaret Goodwin Brandi Dyer Sissy Kirk

Worship Committee

Chair- Patty Dees, DIRECTOR, MUSIC MINISTRY Music Director- Patty Dees Melanie Hester Duffey Gill Donna Jones Beverly Wadsworth Mary Jane Koon

Missions Committee

Chair- Geni Boswell Linda Hester Pat Willingham Clarice Marion

Christian Education

Chair- Suellyn Whatley Jamie Willingham Betty Davis Mary Jane Wadsworth

Older Adults

Chair- Duffey Gill Betty Davis Fannie Wilson

Congregational Care Committee

Chair- Linda Hester Teresa Moore Pat Willingham Laura Taylor Jamie Willingham Lisa Tuttle